Visit Portland's Most Haunted Locations, If You Dare!



When you want a fright in Portland, sure, you could check out the House of Shadows or The Fear PDX. 


But for those looking for more than just cheap thrills, Portland has a darker side for the daring.


They say life imitates art. But what about death? The historic Bagdad Theatre (pictured above) is reportedly haunted. Built in 1927 by Universal Studios, the space showcased motion pictures, stage theatre and Vaudeville shows. But a happy ending was not in the script for a few poor souls. A theatre maintenance man reportedly hanged himself behind the stage, and he just may be behind one of the reports of a “strong presence” that have been felt by patrons. What’s more, the women’s restroom is also reportedly haunted. But spirits of the other worldly variety aren’t the only kinds you can see here -- the space is now owned by McMenamins Pub.


Some people love the theatre, while others prefer to be homebodies… for all eternity. With shows like “Fixer Upper” and “Love It or List It,” you can see first-hand how people become obsessed with their homes. But maybe they don’t take it this far. Next up on our list is the Pittock Mansion located in West Hills.


The French Renaissance style chateau was finished in 1914, taking 5 years to build, as the private home of London-born Oregonian publisher and business tycoon Henry Pittock and his wife Georgiana. The home is impressive, with its panoramic views overlooking downtown Portland and its luxuries of the time including central vacuum system, intercoms, and indirect lighting.  


So, it’s easy to see why the original tenants don’t seem to have any interest in leaving. Even though Mr. and Mrs. Pittock died in 1919 and 1918, respectively, they don’t seem to have gone far. People have reported seeing apparitions fitting the Pittock’s description, which, to be fair, is totally understandable since they only had about five years to enjoy the house they put so much effort into designing. 


The presence of the former groundskeeper has also been reported, with people saying they’ve heard the sounds of someone wearing heavy boots while walking around outside, as well as the sound of someone coming in the side door. 


If all this talk about ghosts has worked up your appetite, there is one pizza place that can satisfy your craving for both sustenance and the supernatural. Old Town Pizza, located in Old Town Chinatown, is reportedly the eternal home of a prostitute who was murdered in the elevator shaft back in the 1800s when the property was still the Merchant Hotel.


“As legend goes, one of the young “working women” was Nina (pronounced Nigh-na), sold into this life by a thriving white slavery market,” it is explained on Old Town Pizza’s website. “In an effort to clean up the neighborhood, traveling missionaries convinced Nina to share information in exchange for freeing her from a fate she did not choose. Nina cooperated but soon afterward was found dead in the hotel, now Old Town Pizza. Thrown down the elevator shaft, Nina is reported to have never left the building.”


It’s been more than 100 years since her death, yet patrons of the pizza joint report feeling a presence behind them, and smelling a faint waft of perfume. The site says she is often seen in a black dress observing diners and wandering down to the basement.


Have you had your own supernatural experience in Portland? Let us know in the comments section!