Media Interviews - Look and Feel YOUR Personal Best!


Love them, OR hate them; IF you want to catapult your business,seek a PR agency that can help you get the attention you deserve. Once reporters respond to your account executive or PR director show producers will book you for a time slot. Don't panic, you should be thrilled, this adds up to thousands of dollars in free advertising value! Excellent PR placement will put your business in front of the camera, so you can be HEARD! But, then what?

Speaking from both sides of the camera has been my entire career, so I will be sharing tips and trends to help you gain the strongest voice with the most passion. We want you to be heard and viewed on all visual platforms from digital to television, Skype and Google Hangouts.

1. Always be prepared to get your point across. Of course the reporter will ask you a few unexpected questions, but don't be afraid to "drive" the interview. The key to this is knowing your message, thoroughly. Work the message into your responses to the reporter's questions. Ultimately your responses and message should be interwoven and natural.

2. Speaking of natural. Turn that frown upside down! Appearing too serious or too nervous will allow the host to take control and you simply won't look your best. Watch yourself in the mirror and respond to questions you anticipate will be asked. You must be comfortable and CONFIDENT.

3. Never assume the reporter is prepared. In other words, they may only have seconds to prepare making it a dangerous situation for you. That's where you have an opportunity to take control of the interview and again get your point across. Make sure you respond thoroughly so that they truly 'get' what you are saying, even if the producer is talking in their ear, or they are becoming distracted.

4. Keep it tight. That's a television term when producers want short segments. But you should also want to message in a succinct manner. Rambling or providing too many details will lose the audience and confuse the message. Remember if they need to pull a particular sound bite for a later show, it can't be longer than 10 to 20 seconds.

5. Believe in what you are projecting and saying. The mental notes you've taken should be in your voice to come across natural and unscripted.During the preparation, ask yourself: do I believe this? Have confidence and stay in control with grace under pressure. 

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Media Interviews