Colby Reade, Director of Communications - served as direct supervisor

I had the pleasure of working with Beverly through our service on the board of PRSA Oregon, as well as through several volunteer engagements with PRSA over the years.

Without hyperbole or exaggeration, I can tell you that Beverly Brooks is THE IDEAL candidate to add to your communications team. I could give you a lot of subjective examples like how easy she is to work with, her positive attitude or her willingness to step outside her comfort zone and tackle additional projects, but I prefer to focus on the tangible examples that will show you exactly how awesome she is.

First of all, in 2017, PRSA Oregon merged three separate chapters into one. Beverly was responsible for monitoring the transition of all of these communication platforms into one cohesive effort (multiple social, newsletter and website platforms that needed to be brought together). More importantly, she was responsible for creating and executing an ongoing cadence of communication to keep members informed and engaged. She did this FLAWLESSLY throughout the year.

Second, Beverly did have some help from a broader team. Throughout the year, Beverly worked with and managed several volunteers with varying backgrounds and bandwidth. She always managed to keep a positive attitude and find roles that fit the skills and work style of her team. When there was no one to tackle a specific assignment, Beverly rolled up her sleeves and tackled it herself. She was the definition of an outstanding manager and teammate.

Third, a lot of professionals may feel they are "above" certain tasks. Beverly had no problem writing the big-picture strategy and plan for our year and then diving in to write tweets, pitch reporters and edit web copy. She is comfortable working across the spectrum of responsibility.

Fourth, Beverly got RESULTS. We saw some sparkling media coverage, social media growth and substantial click rates for our newsletters. Her strategy and content connected with our audience and kept them engaged throughout the year.

In short, Beverly is the type of person I'd be calling first if I were starting my own firm from scratch and needed someone who could jump in and tackle any assignment. She has an incredible attitude, she brings positive energy to every project and she "wins." I cannot recommend Beverly enough.



Anchor/Reporter at KBMT TV
Kevin worked directly with Beverly at McKinnon Broadcasting

How do I meet the length requirements here and adequately describe what an incredible woman and journalist Beverly Brooks has proven herself to be from the years I worked directly with her. In Beverly, you can expect the kind of leader who inspires confidence from colleagues. Beverly exhibits rarely equaled communicative qualities, excellent presentation skills, top notch news judgment, great writing skills, and a work ethic to leave colleagues apparently standing still. She's simply a beautiful girl with an extraordinary ability to morph her talents to the task at hand, and possesses a variety of skill sets that would be priceless to many organizations. You should believe me when I say THIS GIRL really SHOULD be a movie star. She is simply a "class" journalist, communicator, and team member. She would be an excellent addition to any company.


Investigative Reporter, Interim News Director, and Primary News Anchor at McKinnon Broadcasting
Former News Anchor, News 92 FM, Houston, Texas
Steve reported to Beverly at Tribune Broadcasting

I've had the pleasure to work with Bev twice during my career. First at an all-news television station in Houston where we did everything and then a few years later at an alternative news show where she was a managing editor. She was great to work with both times. Bev not only brings years of experience and professionalism to every job she does, but she has that intangible charm and charisma that makes you want to work with her and for her. I couldn't wait to get to work every day, even though the conditions were less than ideal. Like so many of her former co-workers, I can honestly say that Bev would be an asset to any company that hires her. She not only has experience working on both sides of the media, but has the integrity to make sure the job is done right and you're well represented. You'd be a fool not to hire her.

charles sininger

Patient Care Coordinator at UF Health Jacksonville
Beverly managed Charlie at iHeartMedia, Inc.

I worked with Beverly at WAWS in Jacksonville, FL.
We were part of the news operation start up staff.
Beverly approaches her job with professionalism and energy. Her news judgement is detailed and thorough.
Some of my best news stories were when I was paired with Beverly.

drew speier

Main Anchor at WBRE/WYOU-TV
Drew worked directly with Beverly
at iHeartMedia, Inc.

Beverly brought enthusiasm and professionalism, not to mention beauty to our newscasts at WAWS and WTEV. She moved on to become a weekday anchor in the Jacksonville market and in Texas. She was a newsroom leader and led by example.


Owner, Pate Resources Group

W. L. was with another company when working with Beverly at McKinnon Broadcasting

Beverly is a rarity not just in the news media, but in any profession. She has the ability to connect with everyone regardless of their title or position. Her true interest in others shows in the the work that she does as a television news anchor as well as her community activities. She contributes and makes a difference. She is a real asset to her organization as well as her community.

robin troy

Owner, Neil-Troy Advertising

Robin was an investigative and lead reporter, primary news anchor and producer at iHeartMedia, Inc. when working with Beverly at McKinnon Broadcasting

I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Ms. Brooks on a number of occasions over the last 5-7 years; some have been on a professional level, and many others for the benefit of charities in the area. Beverly has always been one of the most professional journalists I have worked with. But the most important thing I would like to share about her is, she truly cares about the community and people she serves. So, she has always been willing to work with groups and organizations on charity benefits. She's a good, true journalist with a heart, but always keeps the two separate. She's an excellent journalist and an extremely talented public relations professional.  

derek R. Kearney

Multimedia Specialist at WTSB 10 News

Derrick worked directly with Beverly at iHeartMedia, Inc.

Beverly is someone that lights up any room she works in. During our time together I learned so much from her. Not only things about broadcast journalism, but life in general. Beverly is the type of person who has a knack for finding the best part of any story to share with those around her, and can create a teaching moment with all she does. I believe she is an asset to anywhere that employees her now and for years to come.

John simmons

Music composition and eBook conversion

John managed Beverly at iHeartMedia, Inc.

Beverly joined the WAWS/WTEV team as we created a news department for the station, then she helped propel us to being the highest rated local newscast of any Fox affiliate in the country. Beverly was always professional on air, and charming and a pleasure to work with off air. I would hire Beverly in a minute.